No Braking Now

Well I went out walkin I'm tired of being locked inside this apartment 

in the heart of the hardship baby. 

You ain't seen me and he way I've been lately. 

Well you know I'm up for any…

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Treading Water

Today I sailed the river way down 

And by tomorrow the water will wash away this town. 

People living in fear because tides can turn. 

Don't be a fool on the hill like a worm to the…

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Burn the City

I’ve been walking on my knees, 

I’ve been talking through my teeth, 

I’ve been seeing with my eyes closed shut 

and now I’m thinking 

Sunday morning I wake up, 

I pray to no one and…

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I thought that she was someone who would take me by surprise 

Then I looked onto the mountains and she had reached the other side 

Now I’m killing myself just thinking I’ve wasted all my time 


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Truth, Son

Well I know I know just where you've been 

Down by them rusted cars on a road of sin 

Where the dark roses tend to grow and you know you don't belong 

some inner demon has been…

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