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"...the band actually emerged fully formed, possessing a certain savvy that assures their ability to stand apart in a crowded field of nu-grass contenders. It also assumes that while The Way Down Wanderers may have only just begun their musical journey, they’ve come quite far already."

   - Lee Zimmerman, Relix Magazine

"Their brand new self-titled LP features rip-roaring banjo, carefree mandolin, soaring harmonies, and lush low-end strings. The Way Down Wanderers embark on a locomotive-like barn-burning adventure and beckon us to join—from the first notes of opener “Dead Birds”, a foot-stomping folk tune, to road-trip worthy ramblers like “Circles” and “Blacktop Highway”, with some snarling guitar-rock thrown in for good measure on tracks like “Changing”, there’s a sparkling gem waiting to be discovered around every single corner on this album."  

   - Mother Church Pew 

"Infectious - there is an energy in this music that brings a smile." 

- Peter Churchill, AmericanaUK 

"We are really liking this." 

- Ricky Ross, BBC Radio Scotland 

"The Way Down Wanderers have an ear for pop-orientated songs with uplifting choruses. This must give them wide-ranging appeal." 

- Michael Hingston, Americana Round-up (UK) 

"They grabbed me from the first track - it's very good." 

- Spencer Leigh, Country Music People (UK) 

"A joyous free spirit - they may become festival favourites in 2017." 

- Allan Wilkinson, Northern Sky magazine (UK) 

"This is an impressive debut from The Way Down Wanderers. Well done guys!" 

- John Knighton, Fatea magazine (UK) 

"The Way Down Wanderers combines folk with boy-band appeal: a quintet with gorgeous vocals, instrumentals, some dreads and a whole bunch of youthful energy." 

   - That Music Mag 

“These young men create a fresh perspective on the traditional [bluegrass] genre. Kause’s high, ringing tenor carries the band’s enchanting, uplifting drive towards positivity...” 

    - Elmore Magazine 

“While the band's music won't allow you to sit still, it's their soul-driven lyrics that wend their way into your body and soul.” 

    -Henry Carrigan 

"The collection contains 12 vibrant songs ranging from ballads to driving bluegrass reels and folk rock stories of the road. All told, we are presented with a gang of musicians who are excited about what is coming down the road while also savoring the moment with a rollicking blend of fiddle, mandolin, guitar, banjo and drum." 

- Glide Magazine 

"Even with the cutting, arresting voices of Collin Krause and Austin Thompson on display, the opening tune “Path To Follow” was all about a punchy fusion of drums and banjo. Austin’s vocal leads like “Dead Birds” had a rippling and dense quality almost like rapping. Collin’s songs like Blacktop Highway” had more raspy tenderness. Musically there were jungle drums and mandolin in “Up North,” alt-Irish-country fiddle in “Sweet Morning Vision” and punk grass pogo drive in closer “Truth, Son.” 

- Craig Havighurst, Music City Roots 

“Dead Birds takes what was already good about The Way Down Wanderers and multiplies it by ten. Luxuriant bluegrass picking and steady percussion are met by tinges of fiddle and cello-based classical influence, making for an exquisite overall package that’s quickly readying the Wanderers to take not just Illinois or the States, but the world by storm." 


“A polished sound filled with strong vocals and fantastic harmonizing, made all the better with vivid lyrics and powerful instrumentation.” 


"The band creates layers of lush instrumentation that serve as a perfect soundscape for their gorgeous vocal harmonies. Their live show is full of energy and just a damn good time. They’re one of those bands that you can tell has a lot of fun doing what they do."