Dead Birds

Well I thought that she liked me 

Since I've been around 

And I know she might be maybe taken and she's playing 

hard to get more like hard to tell well she never fooled me at all 

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Sweet Morning Vision

If I could go and feel no sorrow 

I am just like a smoking volcano in my head 

If I could adjust and have no trouble 

Her heart was like an empty pebble in her chest 

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New Day Dawning

It’s not morning no it’s not today 

I’m not gonna wake up 

Nothing’s fixed and nothing’s paid 

There’s dark and there’s fear in this journey we’re on 

It don’t matter now close your eyes dear and…

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Heading North

Well I took right off 

Forgot to flip the light off 

Left the things I couldn’t hold on to 

And I might have taken the night off 

so I can drive and drive to you 

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I thought that she was someone who would take me by surprise 

Then I looked onto the mountains and she had reached the other side 

Now I’m killing myself just thinking I’ve wasted all my time 


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Hollow Man

Well I’ve been told now that hard times are passing 

they come so fast these days and hardly go away 

I try to keep on but days go too slowly 

I should have seen it coming a…

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Wildfire won’t keep me back from you 

Have patience I will wait and I won’t complain 

I’ve been down to the South and back to Illinois 

It’s alright I’ll get by with some time 

I’m sorry…

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Blacktop Highway

Settled still and lonely in that same corner chair 

Wandering ‘round windows breathing dusty air 

I hear stories of travelers moving on 

I’d follow ’til tomorrow but they’re long gone 

Sweet Morning Vision was all a…

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We all hate changing when we know that we got to 

I’ll take my chances on me without you 

I’ve been strung along a long line 

And I’ve been hung up on a reason why that 

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Silver Days

Don’t ya die on me son 

you’re too young to have become so numb 

Know I would do anything to change the way 

I can never control the way that it goes 

Two days have come…

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The Way I Love You Now

I've been wondering now 

What you've been thinking about for some time, and it’s taken all of mine 

You've been thinking about changing yourself 

I've been hoping that I could change your mind 

Let them thoughts…

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Midnight Flowers

I’m leaving now I’m leaving now 

I wanna take you back on home 

Sunlit towers and midnight flowers wouldn’t hold their own 

White-out winter and fall time colors don’t bring no change 

We all get lost…

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