Path to Follow

She said when will those willows grow 

Old until the branches are barely missing 

The ground just by a few ol' inches 

I heard her whisper I bet they don't need nothing 

I took the trail…

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Blue Sky Song

When I first found the path to the mountain 

I looked ahead and I saw my reflection 

With the songs and the passing clue above 

I'm an evening rambler down the way just searching 

And singing…

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Your Will is a Wildflower

If you had the urge to trust me 

Then let your words free right now 

Let them fall to the ground like the broken branch that I found 

from the old tree we used to climb on…

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The Robin

The robin flies through the sky 

And she tells me all the things that she sees 

But what she's sees oh no no it ain't good 

I guess nothing round here is gonna last 

And the…

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Truth, Son

Well I know I know just where you've been 

Down by them rusted cars on a road of sin 

Where the dark roses tend to grow and you know you don't belong 

some inner demon has been…

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